Application Lab

Our Facility 

Lab Space: 1200 sq ft 
Office Suites: 3 full suites, inclusive of a conference room.
Lab Equipment: Comprehensive suite including ovens and stability chambers.

Specialized Testing Capabilities:

  • Haircare Evaluations:
    • Mannequin and tress evaluations.
    • Assessments for frizz (humidity chamber), shine, dry time, substantivity & longevity (through washes, heat drying, & styling).
    • Color intensity and fade profile (through washes, heat drying, & styling) using a Colorimeter with L*a*b* measurement capabilities.
  • Suncare Evaluations:
    • Development of hundreds of prototypes tested for SPF performance.
    • State-of-the-art LabSphere UV200S for precise evaluations.
    • A proven track record of formulations that have been tested, verified, and launched for diverse clients.

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