About Us

Terry and Dawn Mahon are a dynamic husband and wife team. With a team of highly motivated people they collaborate, innovate, and work tirelessly to provide superior customer service.

Terry’s chemical career started over 30 years ago as a management trainee with the Germany chemical giant Merck KGaA. After having held management positions with Merck in the USA and Germany, he joined Dragoco, a mid-size flavor & fragrance company with the task to grow from the ground up the cosmetic chemicals business in the USA. Following the merger of Dragoco & Haarmann & Reimer to form Symrise, he assumed management of the organization for over 15 years and grew the business to over $50 million. He started Chemspire in 2016.

Over 40 Years of Experience

Terry and Dawn collectively have over 40 years of industry experience

Customer Service Driven

24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service mantra

Multi Industry Experience

Dawn & Terry's industry knowledge covers a vast spectrum of chemical experience in industries such as cosmetics, flavor & fragrance, food, pharmaceuticals, nutritional, institutional & industrial

Family Owned

Chemspire & S-M Industries have been family owned for over 30 years

Terry has a passion for the chemical industry and enjoys the challenges in selling, sourcing, and identifying new opportunities for ingredients in the many industries he has worked in. Most importantly he and his team value building partnerships with their clients.

Today Chemspire’s mission is to provide customers with value added ingredients through our partner network as well as Chemspire branded products that are smart improvements to the current state of the art ingredients.

Dawn started her career in the chemical industry over 10 years ago. Prior to joining the chemical industry, Dawn was a seasoned pharmaceutical executive for Johnson & Johnson/Ortho Pharmaceutical. She also ran her own pharmaceutical marketing firm for many years.

Dawn joined S-M industries in 2010.  S-M Industries, a regional commodity chemical distributor, was founded by her father, Dick Popper in 1995.

Dick was a traditional commodity “chemical guy” long before the major coast to coast distributors of today.  He was deeply engaged with the industry and the customers he loved!  His model of 24 hours/7 days a week customer care continues today with Dawn’s mantra “we’re always open for our customers”.

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